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People, Lakes & Land: The Geography of New York State


"Excellent Program!"     We loved it!"     "Excellent Presentation!"

"A 'tour' through NYS examining physical features.           Hands-on, interesting and informative."

"Great Job! It fit perfectly."


Wigwams & Longhouses: The Native People of New York State


"Wonderful!"     "Program was an excellent introduction."


Exploration & Discovery: The Explorers of New York State


"Your program was excellent. The students thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Students were engaged throughout the program."

"The kids were totally engaged!"


Cookies, Crullers & Kills: The Dutch Culture in Colonial New York


"The presenter immersed students in learning about the Dutch. It was excellent, it totally captivated the students."

"I loved this presentation. Great Job."

"What a fantastic & educational program! We so enjoyed it

& learned so much!"



Lancets & Leeches: Medicine & Sickness in Colonial America


"Excellent presentation."     "Excellent proram!"


Patriots in the Wilderness: The American Revolution in New York


"We loved it!"     "Great Job!"     "A job well done."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation.

My class thoroughly enjoyed it & learned even more than what we covered."

"Wonderful program."


Towpath to the West: The Erie Canal in New York State


"Thanks for a great program!"    The program ws fantastic!"

"We really loved your program." "Wonderful presentation."


Looms & Labor: The Industrial Revolution in New York State


"I was very pleased."     "Very thorough explanation."

"Thanks for a great, informative presentation."


Excelsior!: State and Local Government in New York


"Very informative program!"     "Great Job!"

"Excellent-you really had them engaged." "Excellent for state government."


The Great Mortality: The Bubonic Plague of 14th Century Europe    (6th Grade)


"Wow! Great presentation! My class was enthralled!"

"Great useful information."     Very interesting! Great Visuals!"

"Great job on 'The Great Mortality' once again."







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