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The Student Reader booklets are designed to help students learn

about New York State history

and to assist with reading comprehension.

People, Lakes & Land is a student reader that covers the natural geography of New York State. Students will learn about the purpose of a compass rose on a map, the natural and man-made borders, and the major rivers, mountains, lakes and islands of New York. Maps are used throughout the reader to show the locations of these natural features. Students will be introduced to the last glacier that formed much of the landscape of the state. They will also learn about the hunter-gatherers arrival and the subsequent Iroquois and Algonquian cultures. Questions are throughout the reader to assist student with reading and comprehension.

NYS Learning Standards: #1 & 3. Themes: TCC & GEO).                                Cost: $5.95 each (25 booklet minimum)


Wigwams along Waterways educates students on the numerous Algonquian nations who settled on Long Island and throughout the Hudson Valley. The student reader covers the arrival of the first hunter-gatherers after the last ice age in New York. It then looks at the different Algonquians regions and the ways they used their local environment. The reader contains maps to assist the students in learning about the Native people who lived in eastern New York. Questions in each section and at the end of student reader are included to assist with reading and comprehension.

(NYS Learning Standards: #1, 3 & 5; Themes: ID, MOV, GEO, GOV)                Cost: $5.95 each (25 booklet minimum)


Wigwams & Longhouses is a student booklet that addresses the NYS Learning Standards. The reader focuses on the culture of the two Native American groups in New York. The similarities and differences of the various Native communities from Long Island to Lake Erie will be a major part of the Wigwams & Longhouses reader. Students will learn about the various ways the Iroquois and Algonquians used and adapted their local environment for food, shelter and tools. Suggested questions are throughout the reader to assist students in reading comprehension.


(NYS Learning Standards: #1,#3 & #5; Themes: ID, MOV, GEO, GOV)              Cost: $5.95 each (25 booklet minimum).

Beaver Furs & Boweries is a student booklet on the Dutch colony of New Netherland during the years before it became New York. It begins with the discovery of the colony by European explorers and the establishment of the fur trading posts of Forts Amsterdam and Orange. The growth of Dutch colony with the villages of New Amsterdam (New York) and Beverwyck (Albany) and others will be a focus of Beaver Furs & Boweries. The population with its diverse ethnic groups and the Dutch culture will also be part of the reader.

(NYS Learning Standards: #1,3 & 4; Themes: GEO, MOV, GOV, TCC & SOC)      Cost:  $5,95 each (25 booklet minimum).

A Fruitful Land: The Growth of Colonial New York, 1664-1765 covers the post-Dutch period of Colonial New York from 1664 until 1765. A focus of the reader is on the northern and western migration of colonial New York population into the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys.  The role of the different immigrant groups (French-Huguenots, Palatine Germans and Scots-Irish) and the use of large manors in the Hudson Valley will be major parts of the reader. Suggested questions are throughout the booklet to enhance student reading and comprehension of this period of development in New York..

(NYS Learning Standards: 1,3 & 4; Themes: MOV, TCC, GEO, SOC & GOV)         Cost: $5.95 each (25 booklet minimum)

The Blessings of Liberty student booklet is intended to enhance NYS Learning Standards & Themes. The booklet teaches students about the US federal government with its three branches. Historical background is provided in the reader on the Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention, the 1787 Constitution, and its ratification process. Suggested questions for the students are throughout and at the end of the booklet.

(NYS Learning Standards: #1 & #5; Themes: GEO & GOV)                                 Cost: $5.95 (25 booklet minimum).

Patriots of Liberty is a student booklet on the American Revolution in New York. Patriots looks at the divisions in New York and the war by year and region. There are two volumes to the reader. Volume I covers the protests by the Sons of Liberty 1765 to the end of 1776 with Thomas Paine's pamphlet, The Crisis. The second volume picks up with the British Plan to conquer New York in 1777 and concludes with the evacuation of NYC in 1783.

(NYS Learning Standards: #1, #3 & #4; Themes: MOV, TCC, GEO, SOC & GOV)     Cost: $7.95 for two vol.; $5.95 each for separate volumes (25 booklet minimum). 

Excelsior! is a student reader that covers the three branches of government in New York State. Students will learn about the separation of powers with the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches as a way of protecting liberty and to insure justice for its citizens. Voter registration and the importance of voting are discussed as part the responsibility of citizenship in New York. Questions are throughout the reader and at the end to assist with students' reading and comprehension.

(NYS Learning Standards: 1,3 & 5; Themes: GOV, CIV & GEO)                         Cost: $5.95 each (25 booklet minimum)

West to Genesee Country is a student reader on the Western expansion of New York State during the first half of the 1800s. The focus of the booklet is on the improvement in transportation that led to growth in population in central and western New York. Corduroy roads, turnpikes, plank roads, the Erie Canal and their affects on western expansion are a major focus of the reader. Maps, graphs, illustrations and questions throughout the booklet are used to enhance students' reading and comprehension.

(NYS Learning Standards: 1,3, & 4; Themes: MOV, TCC, GEO & TECH)           Cost: $5.95 each (25 booklet minimum)

* Discounts available for higher quantities.

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