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NYS History Articles & Booklets


(1) Jeffrey R. Bennett, "Jacobus Van Schoonhoven, 1744-1814: Part of a generation that fought a war and formed a nation," Saratoga County History Center, History Lives Here Newsletter, Winter 2024. 


(1) The Life & Times of the Van Schoonhovens of Half Moon is about the four generations of Van Schoonhovens in Half Moon and their times. The booklet covers the purchase of land to establish of a family farm about a mile north of the Mohawk River in the Van Schaick Patent.  Each chapter follows the different generations, the development of their farm and the chaotic colonial period on the Northern frontier above Albany. The last few chapters focus on Colonel Jacobus Van Schoonhoven of the Albany County Militia, his role in the American Revolution, the creation of the U.S. Constitution and the early 19th century.   


Cost: $10.99 each 

(2) "My Very Important Charge:" Colonel Henry Knox and the Winter Cannon Train (November, 1775- March, 1776 looks at one of the first major achievements during the first year of the American Revolution. It explores the route of Colonel Knox's difficult mission of transporting 60 tons of artillery from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights. Each chapter looks at the many meteorological and geographical obstacles the young 25 year old officer overcame during the winter of 1775-1776. 

Cost: $10.99 each

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